Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Statspack report analysis

Have you ever faced this ? ... You have your statspack report ready & are trying to work with your Statspack analyzer tool, which performs statspack report analysis & generates an html file, which is more understandable to non-DBA's too (with some charts, top-queries, recommendations, etc.) . At this moment, either your analysis tool gives up, or the website which you used for analysis, is unavailable (recently happened with oraperf, which we used) !
A solution to this, for a DBA, is to be able to read through the statspack report & identify the key areas, issues of importance . This place offers a simple statspack survival guide, to help understand the report. Hope this helps a DBA in speedy statspack analysis, instead of depending on a tool that is not working, or giving erratic results.


  1. Hey,

    This link to Statspack Survival Guide is certainly one of the smallest yet complete 'n' sufficient doc I have ever read reg STATSPACK. Amazing..! Can you add a sample STATSPACK report in here as well pls..?

  2. I'll sure generate a Statspackreport tomorrow & attach here. Can you help me attach this new file here ? I'm not sure how to attach a non-image file to a blog.