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Permitting a user on UNIX / Linux to use sqlplus

We encountered an interesting scenario worth mentioning.

Oracle is installed on a Linux server newly & another ftp user wants to just use sqlplus also.Just setting the ORACLE_HOME, LD_LIBRARY_PATH, ORACLE_SID, PATH in the user's profile did not let him run the "sqlplus" command at all. The error shown was :
$ sqlplus sqlplus: fatal: /app/oracle/product/10.2/lib/ Permission
The files under "lib" directory under home didn't have permission for anybody other than "oracle" user. -rwxr-x--- 1 oracle oinstall 1320016 Jun 28 2005 /app/oracle/product/10.2/lib/
When we permit the other users (other than oracle) to read/execute…

Oracle DBA Interview process

As a standard practice, the DBA selection process is split into 3 phases :

Screening of resumes & filtering out the suitable candidates that can be interviewed.Scheduling & completing the interviews (rating & grading also go hand-in-hand during interview).Final rating of candidates & decision making. The above procedures are described in detail below :

Screening of resumes & filtering out the suitable candidates that can be interviewed :

This is one of the relatively simpler stages.
When we receive resumes for DBA interviews, the first step is to skim through it & get a general idea about the layout, tidiness, clutter (if any) of the resume. However, care needs to be taken to not reject a resume due to an unnecessary detail mentioned. The candidate might still be worth a trial.

Scheduling & completing the interviews (rating & grading also go hand-in-hand during interview) :
If possible, have multiple DBA's design and take the interview.Use the rating c…

How to upgrade Oracle to or (9i versions)

Applying Oracle upgrade to version (patchset 3501955) or (patchset 3948480)

Applying Oracle 9i Patch (This can be used for the Oracle client and server both)

1. Log in to the database server machine as the oracle user (administrator role in case of windows) on Unix.
2. Make sure that your environment contains the correct values for the ORACLE_HOME and ORACLE_SID variables.
3. Stop the listener process (in case of Oracle server upgrade). As the oracle user:

lsnrctl stop

4. Download the patchset Extract the patchset (3501955) or patch set (3948480) archive into a temporary directory.
5. Change to the directory that contains the or patch archive and execute the following:

Unzip the patch archive, viz. p3948480_9206_***.zip (this example is for Linux. Windows & other Unix patch names would be different.)

6. Install the Oracle Universal Installer (setup.exe in case of Windows patch) :

cd /usr/local/tmp/oracle/p…

The art & science of working with Oracle databases & applications

I'm an Oracle database & applications specialist - that's what I call myself, for my experience, certifications & interest in the subject & the technology. Oracle database administration (DBA) & Apps (also called as Oracle Applications) are my passion, as well as my job, my food & water :-) . I'm a certified OCP (Oracle Certified professional) for Oracle 9i and 8i both. I'm planning further certifications soon - 10g and Apps DBA.

I was recently looking for some information on Oracle Apps, when I landed upon a very useful discussion on Asktom website . I immediately thought, that I must save this piece of research somewhere, or it would be lost soon. After spending so much of resources research, I figure out that Asktom is a really wonderful resource of truthful & to the point information on the subject. Tom Kyte works in Oracle Corp. & knows things in and out. A good source of Oracle Demos, news & developments is .

Another rather…