Sunday, January 01, 2006

The art & science of working with Oracle databases & applications

I'm an Oracle database & applications specialist - that's what I call myself, for my experience, certifications & interest in the subject & the technology. Oracle database administration (DBA) & Apps (also called as Oracle Applications) are my passion, as well as my job, my food & water :-) . I'm a certified OCP (Oracle Certified professional) for Oracle 9i and 8i both. I'm planning further certifications soon - 10g and Apps DBA.

I was recently looking for some information on Oracle Apps, when I landed upon a very useful discussion on Asktom website . I immediately thought, that I must save this piece of research somewhere, or it would be lost soon. After spending so much of resources research, I figure out that Asktom is a really wonderful resource of truthful & to the point information on the subject. Tom Kyte works in Oracle Corp. & knows things in and out. A good source of Oracle Demos, news & developments is .

Another rather small and useful piece of information was found in Sridhar's posts, who seems to have researched the subject well. I appreciate his focussed information, organized into numbered statements. Two alltime good resources of Apps related information are Oracle Applications Community and included here, is Apps documentation . I've found a really useful Oracle Apps blog (my wife searched for me :-) ) -- Oracleappsblog . If you want to search for some more resources, try the Google search box below (there are few good ones on the left sidebar). You'll find Database industry news at the bottom.

I myself plan to contribute some interesting pieces of knowledge which are not available in books & could be gained only through experience & research. This would be my target in later posts on this page. So, here goes my first Oracle technology post ! I better keep it small & simple :-)


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